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What is the cost of a typical 30 second video production?

Video costings are rarely done on the basis of duration. To get the accurate cost of a video, we need to know all the elements that are going to be used. Like the number of actors, locations, special effects, green screen, music etc. Only then can we provide an accurate costing of your video. To do this, we rely on an initial concept, or an idea that you have for your video. You can even send us a video reference of something you like to help us give you a rough estimate.

What if I don't have a concept or idea for my video production?

No problem. We're happy to develop a concept for you. But first, we must schedule a 30 minute Zoom Strategy Session so we can understand your videos objective, your industry and target audience. We also need to have a rough idea of what you're willing to spend on the video. This is important, because it ensures that we don't develop ideas that require more investment than you have budgeted.

What are the steps involved in video production?

Here are the typical steps involved in a production: 1. Concept Development 2. Budget & Production Timeline 3. Signoff 4. 1st PreProduction Meeting - To get everybody aligned 5. Develop Storyboard - Client approval required 6. Casting for Talent - Client approval required 7. Location Hunt (we can skip this if we are filming in your office/factory) 8. Final PreProduction Meeting - To finalize all aspects of the production 9. Shoot 10. Offline Edit - Client approval required 11. Online Edit - Client approval required 12. Delivery

How do I know Big Film will deliver the video we need?

This is an important question. A video production is a big investment. We understand that. And we value that you have placed your trust in us to deliver a high quality video, that helps your business objectives. Our process is developed so that at each stage, we have your complete approval before we move forward. This gives you the time to evaluate every decision. And if we find something doesn't work at any stage of the process before the shoot, we will go back a few steps and address the problem. Video production is a collaborative process. You know your customers. We know production. We believe in open, honest communication between both of us. Nothing matters except achieving the goal of the video.

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