Seasonal Specials

We will offer specials with local and seasonal ingredients that will change regularly

For the time being we will serve:

  • Rib-eye from el rancho EL 17 with home made Dijon and horseredish Cafe de Paris with a gratin Dauphinois 

  • Lam chops from Sonora roasted with rosmary 

  • Fagottini filled with duck confit and Marsala based reduction 

  • Ocean Black pappardelle, tinta de seta, artichokes hearts, cherry tomatoes, shrimps on a white wine olive oil sauce 

  • "Black Gold" pasta, thymed butter with black summer trufles from Italy

  • Acid marinated wild, wild boar stew with italian bacon, fruits, served with Spaetzle and Brussels sprouts

TEL  415110 22 02

Terraplen # 8, San Miguel de Allende, Gto.